The Modular Home Building Advantage

Climate Control

Both building the home and storage of all materials in a climate controlled environment constructs a better quality home. The home and the material are not exposed to any harmful effects of uncontrollable weather.

Quality Control

Daily plant inspections by the manufacturer ensure that each and every job is done the proper way.

Superior Strength

Modular homes are built with unmatched strength and quality because they are built with additional framing and fastening material in order to withstand travel.

Cost Savings

The cost savings are reflected to the buyer due to multiple reasons. The materials bought by the manufacturer are bought in bulk. The building time is reduced dramatically because site work can be completed during the same time as the home is being built, which allows for less interest payments for a construction loan.

Precision Engineering

We offer an ENDLESS amount of floor plans and we also have the ability to build any floor plan you bring to us. Customization is our specialty

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® partner and committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials. We are proud to offer new homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label.

Customer Driven

Customer Driven building option allows knowledgeable home owners to complete items of their desire in order to reduce costs.

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